Our History


The Origins

The CT Carlesso Frames   was founded in October 1992 and began   to produce frames from Mountain Bike aluminum.  In 1994, thanks mainly to the original passion that has motivated the birth and that clearly had not exhausted its push, the CT shifting production on racing frames; the know-how learned   so far, although limited, can also face the professional runners for the frames sector.  In 1996, the CT takes shape, he moved to a factory of 1,000 square meters, invest in specific machinery and precision, we remember someone:

  1. boring machine
  2. computerized mark
  3. pneumatic multi-spindle drilling machines
  4. washing line formed by washing with automatic spray, ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing active carbon
  5. Tig welders newly developed

In 2001 the company began the phase of true maturity with the development of three new departments:

  1. Quality control department, supported by a laboratory controls and external tests
  2. bonding department, aluminum / carbon and carbon / carbon joints
  3. filing department

2003 is the year in which we define the true central goal of the CT that is gradually expand the customer service:

  1. Materials: support steel and aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and carbon
  2. Machining: multiple, automatic milling, automatic centering, computerized artificial aging, inert gas welding booth   and   sandblasting
  3. Technician:  new system for the management of solid
  4. Management:  new system for the company’s IT organization
  5. corporate site

2005 is the year of change, with important investments such as:

  1. The cutter heads 3 Automatic
  2. The centers automatic looms
  3. The inert gas welding booth with automatic cycle and easy thanks to the powerful vacuum pumps and heating for moisture control
  4. sandblaster
  5. The furnace and the artificial aging
  6. Internal course for the realizations of carbon fiber artifacts
  7. Internal course for the specialization of the 3D design



The years between 2006 and 2009 rose quickly through large production of looms and the development of a carbon wheel called “OZ499.”  This new project has been critical to the technical and production development, giving a fresh impetus to the change in strategy and objectives.  the first change  is the change of name from CT Carlesso frames inCarlessoserves to give a signal that our non-core business will be made ​​up of more than just the  chassis but to all products where it is essential to know how to work more materials simultaneously.

In 2010, the fruits begin to sprout thanks to a great development work done:  we begin to provide companies that perform  “contract”, because it is necessary to use special materials such as carbon.  In 2011 we expand our production, making c arrozzine for persons with disabilities full carbon, without forgetting the production of  bicycle frames, by developing a equipped with an electric motor.

And ‘This is the time when we purchase a CNC machine to complete our service to the customer who needs the capacity and quality combined with a  great realization speed.  In 2012 the steel joins in an important way in production, with the creation of groups of cooling large with reduced thickness.  in 2013 a new carbon-wood combination leads us to start the production of skateboards with performance such that nothing inferior to the best on the market.  the historic moment we are living is providing us with new stimuli to undertake  roads and  challenges where to unite our talents and exploit our expertise.

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