Eulithe® is a foam composed of a polyurethane rigid thermoset polymer formulated with very special and sophisticated chemical compositions. Vai alla scheda. 


Wood is produced by the plant as a structural element, and excellent robustness and strength, which is why usefully employed by the industry. Vai alla scheda. 


Due to their resistance (also corrosion), lightness, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, titanium alloys are used in consumer products such as golf clubs, bicycle, motorcycle and laptops components, it is becoming increasingly common. Vai alla scheda. 


The importance of steel is huge, its uses are endless, as are the variety in which it is produced: over time the techniques of production of steel have gone improving and diversifying, so to this day there are many types of steel, each relating to different design requirements and market. Vai alla scheda. 


The aluminum is used in many industries for the manufacture of millions of different products and is very important for the world economy. Structural components made ​​of aluminum are vital to the aerospace industry and very important in other fields of transport and construction sectors in which lightness, durability and strength are needed. Vai alla scheda. 


The carbon fiber materials exhibit high strength, light weight, low cost and a certain aesthetic value. For these reasons, they are widely used in a multiplicity of areas where the weight and the mechanical resistance of the object are determining factors in consumer products or simply for aesthetic purposes.  Vai alla scheda.